The difference between a voice polygraph test and a lie detector test

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Both formats of lie detection are accurate. We've tested subjects utilizing both formats and have NEVER HAD A CONFLICT IN RESULTS. Either way you choose, you cannot go wrong. Simply choose the the format you're most comfortable with and we'll take care of the rest.

So, what's the difference between the Traditional Polygraph test and the Voice Polygraph (voice stress analysis) test? Below are some bullet points that summarize how they work. Be sure to read below the summary to really understand how the voice stress analysis test works. Either format you choose will get you the truth. It's just a matter of deciding what you're most comfortable with.

» Traditional Polygraph Test:

» 98% Accurate

» FREE Written Report

» FREE Certificate of Examination

» Takes 2-3 hours

» Has countermeasures to alter results

» Attachments required on body

» Results affected by drug/alcohol use

» Test done in person due to attachments

» Can have inconclusive results

» Measures heart rate, blood pressure and other changes in the body

» Used by some Police and Sheriff departments, attorneys and business owners

   » Voice Stress Polygraph Test:

» 98% Accurate

» FREE Written Report

» FREE Certificate of Examination

» Takes 15-20 minutes

» NO countermeasures

» NO attachments required

» Not affected by drug/alcohol use

» Test done over the phone

» NO inconclusive results

» Measures sub-audible, involuntary reflex called a microtremor

» Used by some Police and Sheriff departments, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, U.S. Military, etc.

Since most people in the private sector have heard of the traditional polygraph, there really isn't a need to discuss this in great detail. However, since the voice stress analysis (also known as voice polygraph) is new to most people, we will take the time to explain it here.

The voice polygraph was developed by the U.S. Military about 50 years ago for covert operations, as a means to determine deception and gather intelligence, as well as a way to replace the traditional polygraph due to some if its flaws. This technology allowed them, as us today, to analyze ANY type of voice recording, including telephone conversations, television and radio programs or audio from cassette tapes, CDs or DVDs, as well as from MP3 or WAV files.

You may be asking yourself, "How can you determine if someone is being deceptive or not just from a voice recording?". Well, that's a great on for the answer.

The voice polygraph (voice stress analysis) test measures an involuntary reflex in body that occurs under stress called a microtremor. This microtremor occurs at a sub-audible level, which means it's below what the human ear can hear. The microtemor is usually between 8 Hz to 12 Hz and the human ear can hear from about 20 Hz on up. This is why we have to record the entire 30 minute test so that we can use our computerized instrumentation to analyze these changes for deception.

We DO NOT use Layered Voice Analysis (i.e., LiarCard, Truster, etc.), as this technology is used for entertainment purposes for those that don't take true deception detection seriously. We also DO NOT use CVSA. Instead, we use TDTVSA, which is the most accurate technology on the market.

Insurance companies use and trust voice stress analysis testing
The Insurance industry is probably the biggest commercial user of the voice polygraph (voice stress analysis) test technology. For example, when someone has an auto accident, they will need to explain to the insurance company what occurred. As they are telling their story over the phone, the entire conversation is being recorded and will then be later analyzed for deception. If the insurance company finds that you were lying about your story, then they won't pay the claim.
Police use voice stress tests because of how accurate they are
This technology has been used for many years to monitor suspicious 9-1-1 emergency phone calls. Whenever an operator feels that the person on the other end of the phone is acting out of character for someone undergoing an emergency, the tape recorded conversation is analyzed to determine whether or not additional investigation is necessary.
Homeland security uses voice polygraph tests in person and over the phone
And, Homeland Security relies on the voice polygraph (voice stress analysis) technology to help protect our country from terrorist activities. They will tape record and analyze the terrorists' phone conversations.

The voice polygraph must be a viable solution if the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is using it to protect us.
The voice stress tests work so well that the FBI and CIA use and trust them
The CIA and FBI use if for gathering intelligence among other purposes. In any situation where they can record and analyze the voice, they rely on the voice polygraph. Click here to read an FBI article about the power of voice stress analysis, click here for Page1 and click here for Page 2.
Many Police and Sheriff department use it for their investigations, as well as use it for their pre-employment screening of prospective policeman and law enforcement officers. Telephone wire taps from phone conversations can be analyzed for deception.
Even some professional baseball teams make their players go through this process over the phone each month for behavioral purposes.

With more and more professional athletes in the news, team owners, managers and coaches want to be sure that their players are acting in a professional manner.

Post-convicted sex offenders have to go through this process over the phone each month as a part of their probation to make sure they're following the guidelines. They are asked questions like "Have they been within 1 mile of a public park or elementary school?"

Now, many airports are starting to use this technology to screen travelers.

Additionally, the voice polygraph (voice stress analysis) test is used in criminal and civil cases. Many courts throughout the country allow these test results to be admissable. Be sure you check with your attorney to confirm if the court that is handling your case allows these tests as admissable forms of evidence.

You may be asking yourself, "Can this really work for my situation?" The answer is "Absolutely!" If it is used and relied upon by the CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, the military, the Insurance industry and numerous other law enforcement and government agencies, as well as used in criminal and civil cases, then it's definitely good enough for your situation. Don't let the fact that it's new to you stop you from using this widely used and heavily relied upon technology.

The only limitation to this technology is if the person taking the test uses Skype or Vonage. These services cut off the low and high frequencies, which include the frequency we measure. Otherwise, any traditional phone line or cell phone with good connectivity will work.


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